Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Deciphering The Murphy Bed Mechanism Market

Have you decided to have a Murphy bed in your home? Then getting a quality Murphy bed is a difficult task. The Murphy bed which you have made up your mind to buy should be full of specialties such as the right mechanism bed. Mechanism plays a crucial role in the making of a Murphy bed. Mechanism dictates all the facets of the structure of bed. There are several manufacturers who make the Murphy bed for each type. The two main mechanisms by which Murphy beds are made include spring mechanism and piston mechanism.

Spring Mechanisms

Spring mechanisms are considered to be a division of the traditional Murphy bed system. The spring system employs a heavy duty compresses steel spring system that is either hidden or not hidden within the frame of the Murphy bed.
The spring mechanism requires specialized cabinetry like bi-fold doors or cabinets that hinder the use of storage pieces adjacent to the Murphy bed in case of concealed frame work of Murphy bed.


It is easy to lower and lift your Murphy bed made of spring mechanism. This is because they are counter balanced. The springs of the bed may require adjustment after it is used for several years because the springs fatigue and stretch over time. The Murphy bed may start sag if the springs are not adjusted.

Piston Mechanisms

Murphy bed systems employ this mechanism which is known as piston mechanism. The functioning of these pistons depends upon either gas or air pressure. The piston generally provides support when the bed is raised or lowered.


There is a benefit of choosing a Murphy bed operated with a piston mechanism and that is a locking device. These locks help in keeping the Murphy bed securely inside the cabinet when they are not in use. The product has a greater life because there is very less possibility of fatigue and sagging in case of piston mechanism operated beds.


The beds operated by piston mechanism require no adjustment. They are concealed within the frame of Murphy bed. As pistons cannot be adjusted therefore it is necessary o install the beds properly. This promotes the longevity of the mechanism.
It is advisable to take time and explore all possibilities before making the right decision to purchase a bed.

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